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Working Together

401k Assist, LLC

Why Helping You and Your Staff Manage the Liability of Offering a Retirement Plan?

401k Assist, LLC offers risk management services to keep your plan in good order with the DOL and IRS. Whether its a 401k, Solo 401k, Simple 401k, SEP-IRA or Simple IRA and IRA rollovers.   Each type of program has its own set of complex rules and DOL filings.  Our goal is to provide you with expert knowledge to keep you out of regulatory hot water. Contact us at www.401kassistllc.com.

401k Assist, LLC Services

Discover What Our Expertise Does

401k Assist, LLC exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our Collective Employer Plan of retirement plan service eliminates 99% of your 401k administration.  It's the closest you can get to drive a Tesla on Autopilot.

Plus, we give you access to the "IRA for Everyone", technology.  Our technology will allow individuals and employers to rollover their accounts automatically.  No more phone calls or filling out the transfer forms.  It's paperless.  Mobile device friendly-phone, table, or computer.  Most of all its people-friendly.

Automate Your 401k Operations


401k Assist, LLC Collective Employer Plan

Our Collective Employer Plan acts as your 401k support team.  You or your staff don't have to be retirement experts.  CEP eliminates 99% of your 401k administration. All you do is upload your payroll files,  collect year-end census date and review the program.  That's it!

Our Collective Employer Plan is cruise control for the 401k plans!

Contact us at www.401kassistllc.com for a quotation

Automate Your IRA Rollovers

401k Assist, LLC "IRA for Everyone"

  • Eliminate filling out account transfer paperwork.

  • Avoid the hassle of long phone call transfer of your 401k accounts.

  • Consolidate all your IRA accounts in one place.

  • Investment advises and management free of charge.

  • No minimum account balance.  We will take accounts as small as $100.

Think of our IRA for Everyone as the Door Dash of the Individual Retirement Account application.

401k Assist, LLC Payroll Deduction IRA

Meets the Mandated CA State Retirement Savings Plan Requirements

  • The State of California will require employers with five or more employees to either provide private retirement savings or join the state plan.

  • This new law gives as many as 7.5 million workers access to a workplace program.

  • California is the 10th state to enact a retirement savings program. The new regulation will help individuals shore up their retirement.

Contact us at www.401k Assist, LLC, to determine if your company is required to comply with this new CA requirement.