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The Secure Retirement Act 2019  enactment has required us to add three new services for 2020:  Mulitple Employer Plan, Workplace IRAs, and  Money Smart education series to stop financial exploitation. We're committed to breaking down and simplifying the toughest retirement topics, like Social Security, health care (Medicare), long-term care, and income planning. We support our clients with strategies and planning tools to help them retire successfully. With a wide variety of services and tools to help meet their specific needs, we can help you help plan for your future challenges. Contact us at www.401kassistllc.com.

401k Assist, LLC Services

Social Security Planning

It's the choice of a lifetime. Understand your filing options with knowledge and tools. Filing for Social Security benefits may seem like a simple, straightforward decision. But with so many rules that can impact the benefits you receive, your Social Security filing decision is more complicated than you may think. While everyone's situation is different, there are three key considerations you should make as you begin to plan your Social Security filing decision: 

Number #1:  Do I File Early?

Early filing may not be for you. By filing before the full retirement age makes sense for some people. But because benefits permanently reduced, it may not be the best option for you. 

Number #2:  Do I Delay My Filing?

Delaying filing can increase benefits. Filing after full retirement age (up to age 70) and taking advantage of delayed Social Security credits can boost Social Security income by as much as 76%.  Delaying your benefit is determined by many factors such as your health and income after retirement.

Number #3:  Don't forget your family!

 Don't forget your family. Benefits for spouses, partners, and other family members are among the most potent ways to boost household Social Security income.

NAVIGATE THE COMPLEXITY TO FIND A FILING STRATEGY THAT WORKS FOR YOU. Contact us by email to use our Nationwide sponsored Social Security 360 Analyzer®  

This tool helps you guide through their filing Social Security decisions. Use it to:

  • Identify optimal filing strategies

  • Generate custom client-ready reports to help guide conversations

  • Evaluate break-even and cash flow analyses

Health Care In Retirement

If you spend your working lives subsidized by employer-sponsored health care is rarely top of mind, unless they become ill or lose coverage. Many also live under the false assumption that Medicare will be equivalent to the insurance they enjoyed throughout employment. To help identify any misconceptions, let's take a closer look at Medicare coverage and out-of-pocket healthcare expenses in retirement. Please email us at www.401kassistllc.com about completing a quick 15-question Health Care Cost Assessment Fact Finder to obtain a personalized Health Care Cost estimate of your annual Medicare and out-of-pocket costs in retirement.

Retirement Income Planning

You've been thinking about retirement income needs for years. Where you'll live, where you'll travel—and how much money you'll need with the support of Nationwide's Interactive Planner.  We can show you the unique financial situation you face in retirement and work with you to build a strategy to address it based on facts, not guesses. We can help you analyze your needs while guiding you in the planning process. Together, you'll create a comprehensive income strategy specific to your retirement, from health care and age-based considerations to Social Security and legacy planning. Turn to us to help you shape a plan that meets your needs and puts your goals within reach throughout this new life stage.   Please email us to set-up an appointment to give to help you with retirement income planning.

IRA Rollover Investment Management

Create and evaluate a client portfolio. Analyze hypothetical performance, risk statistics, asset allocation, sector breakdowns, region weighting, compare two portfolios side-by-side, and more.  We have created an easy low-fee monthly payment system to make it easy.

Our Three Pillars of Investment Management:

  • Constructing portfolios designed and maintained to match client risk tolerance, optimize tax efficiency, and help our clients reach their goals.

  • Focusing on behavioral coaching-in particular, helping clients adhere to their long-term plans-because that is the greatest potential value we can add.

  • Encouraging the use of thorough financial planning techniques-such as estate or retirement planning, among many others so that you can personalize client services to meet their needs.