Lifetime Income Annuities


Our Goal is:


Help women and people of color on the value of protecting income as part of your retirement plan.  Make retirement income planning easier. Help consumers better understand the role of annuities as part of retirement life.

Here are some resources to better educate yourself on protecting your lifetime income:

  • What is your retirement income score:  RISE Calculator                                              RISE provides a single, intuitive measure of retirement income security. It’s like a credit score for retirement. You can use it to help you understand whether their portfolio is likely to cover basic living expenses in retirement.


  • Four Pillars of The New Retirement:​ Explored a new, holistic framework, with a deep examination of the four central ‘pillars’ for living well in retirement—health, family, purpose, and finances. And when COVID-19 surfaced, we paused and adjusted our survey in order to incorporate a close look at how the virus is impacting people’s lives and retirements. 

  • Your Retirement Checklist:  The first step in developing a successful income plan for retirement is understanding your options. Request your checklist so you can discuss it with your financial professional to make sure you’re on track for the retirement you want.

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