Auto IRA Force Outs

How It Works It’s easy.


We help plan sponsors automate distribute these accounts by establishing a routine process for sweeping out small accounts of former employees with vested balances of $5,000 or less. Once the automatic rollover IRA agreement is in place:


  • You share former employee data through a secure link.

  • We request your plan provider to have forced out funds sent to our system.   

  • We set up an IRA account for each former employee.


Once the accounts are open, we send former employees all the information they need to access their new account and access their money (plus we do the legwork to find them, if they’ve moved).

The IRA for Everyone Automatic Rollover IRA Program greatly simplifies the administration of mandatory rollovers at the plan level by helping to:


Decrease plan expenses- Mandatory distributions help decrease plan expenses where record keepers charge fees on the number of accounts or the average account balance.


Eliminate the cost of an audit - Distributing small balance accounts may reduce the participant count to under 100 – eliminating the expense of auditing the plan.


Reduce participant disclosures - Under ERISA a plan must still mail annual and quarterly disclosures to terminated participants. Force-out distributions reduce the number of participants to whom disclosures need to be provided.


Keep track of former employees- Mandatory distributions eliminate the need to keep track of former employees and also reduce the need for missing participant searches. Limit fiduciary responsibility

There is no added cost to plan sponsor for our IRA for Everyone Automatic IRA Rollover Program.